When it is health and linked problems, then one always looks for reliable hospitals to get world-class treatment. If you haven’t looked for any multi-specialty one, then Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi is one of the reputable options. Read more about this in the next section.

The Overview About Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi:

CCAD; Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a recognized multi-specialty hospital located in Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates). It consists of 364 beds and is internally part of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation of USA. The hospital was founded in May 2015.

It's aa partnership hospital that was signed in the year 2006 between Mubadala Development Company and Cleveland Clinic. However officially opened up to the public on Dec 3, 2015, by the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi & Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The Multi-speciality Hospital Facilities:

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is a 23-are multi-specialty hospital with five clinical floors and three diagnostic and treatment levels. The medical care property has 13 further floors for critical and acute inpatient units. It is a 409,234 square meter hospital with 364 beds for patients, which will be increased to 490 beds later, including 72 ICU beds, 4 post-anesthesia care units (PACU), and 26 operation rooms. The number of doctors appointed is around 340, and other healthcare management includes 2,918 nurses and workers. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi shares 50 medical & surgical specialties. It is also designed for five different specialized centers, including digestive diseases, eye, heart, and vascular health problems, neurological treatment, respiratory disorders, and critical care. Hospital inherits more than 5,000 general physicians worldwide.

The Final Verdict:

Talking about world-class multi-specialty hospitals is never completed if you haven’t considered Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. It's a well reputable health care and trauma treatment center with specialized doctors, trained staff, and highly advanced treatments. The multi-speciality hospital addressed the model of care, well, and health.

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